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Family & Children - Tips

What should I wear?
Simplicity is best in choosing what to wear for your portraits. Stay away from patterns in clothing, as they distract from your face. If more than one person is being photographed, coordinate everyone’s clothes together. The clothes do not need to be identical (in fact it is better if they aren't), or even the same color, but they need to have a cohesive look.

When picking your clothing, keep in mind:
• Sleeveless and short sleeves add pounds. Long sleeves are the most flattering in portraits.
• Solids photograph best. Busy or bold patterns take attention away from your face, as do ultra bold colors.
• Black or dark colors will make you look slimmer.
• Don’t forget to pay attention to your shoes and socks; they will show in some pictures. You don't want to pay an artist's fee to have white socks digitally removed or pants lengthened. Bare feet look good on children and in many family portraits.

Do you photograph pets?
We do photograph pets, either by themselves or with children or families. Pets are a part of your family and a great addition to your portraits. If you do bring a pet, please let us know in advance. Also, the pet must be current on their shots and on a leash. You should bring along a friend to handle the pet after he or she is photographed, so we can take some pictures of the children or family without the pet. Pets don’t always comply and sometimes people choose not to include them in their final portrait choices.

What else do I need to know?
• Remember that simplicity works best in portraits. Keep your clothes uncomplicated, but coordinate them from head to toe. This will help your photos not to look “dated.”
DO NOT BRING YOUR CELL PHONE TO YOUR SHOOT. Cell phones are not only distracting, they also will take away time from your photography session. You’re paying to have your portraits taken, not to talk on the phone.
• Don’t get a haircut the day before your sitting. Have your hair cut about two weeks before your portraits, so it will have a chance to grow out a bit. Don’t try a new style for your portrait.
• Men be sure to shave, and ladies be certain your nails look good. Nails certainly don’t have to be manicured and painted, but if they are, make certain the paint isn’t chipping.
• If you wear glasses, see if you can borrow a pair from your optometrist without the lenses. This will eliminate the problem of glare. This is particularly true if you are having your portraits taken outdoors and wear lenses which automatically darken in the light.
• Get a good night’s sleep and arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment, so you’re not rushing. If you’re late, you won’t be able to have as many images taken.
• Come to your appointment wearing the outfit in which you want to be photographed. If you are having indoor portraits, these will be taken first.
• Don’t schedule your appointment on a day where you have plans immediately before or after your appointment. If you feel rushed, it will show in your portraits.

Do I need to tell the photographer anything?
• If there is a pose you have seen somewhere and would like to try to do something similar, bring a picture of the pose if you can.
• If there is anything about yourself you would like to hide or showoff, please let us know before we start taking pictures. For example, if you feel self conscious about the shape of your nose, be certain to mention it. Others probably don’t even notice it, but if it bothers you, don’t want to shoot you in profile! On the other hand, you might be really proud of your new tattoo and want to include it in some of your pictures. If you forget to tell us about it, we might not photograph it to its best advantage.

Remember, we’re here to help you look your best and have a great time while doing just that!