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Seniors - Tips

Seniors - Tips and FAQ's

What should I wear? Pick a variety of clothes in colors and styles that you like. If you like the outfit, you’ll feel good and that attitude will show in your photos. Try to include both casual and more formal clothes, so you reflect a variety of moods in your portraits. Be sure to let Mom pick one or two outfits as well, so she can be involved—remember it’s her last year too!

When picking your clothing, keep in mind:
• Sleeveless and short sleeves add pounds. Long sleeves are the most flattering in portraits.
• Solids photograph best. Busy or bold patterns take attention away from your face, as do ultra bold colors.
• Black or dark colors will make you look slimmer.
• Don’t forget to pay attention to your shoes and socks; they will show in some pictures. Many seniors also like to have some of their pictures taken barefoot.
• If you have questions about an outfit, bring it along. We’ll help you choose what looks best. You don’t have to be photographed in everything you bring.

What can I or should I bring? Bring along a few props which will help show your personality. Remember, you want your portraits to depict who you are at this stage in your life. Feel free to bring your letter jacket, musical instrument, sports equipment, hats, scarves, vehicle, class ring, sunglasses, work or sports uniform…even your pet! (If you plan to bring a pet, please let us know ahead of time. It will need to be current on its shots, and you need to have someone else along to handle your pet when it is not being photographed. You may even wish to have your friend or family member leave with the pet when we are done photographing it.)

You do not need to bring any money with you to your shoot. When you reserved your spot, you prepaid for your session. You will not have to pay for your photos until you view them and choose your poses.

What else do I need to know?
• Remember that simplicity works best in portraits. Keep your clothes uncomplicated, but coordinate them from head to toe. This will help your photos not to look “dated.”
• DO NOT BRING YOUR CELL PHONE TO YOUR SHOOT. In addition to distracting you, taking time to text or talk on your phone is taking time away from having your images taken. We won’t have time to take as many pictures of you.
• Don’t get a haircut the day before your sitting. Have your hair cut about two weeks before your portraits, so it will have a chance to grow out a bit. Don’t try a new style for your portrait.
• Guys be sure to shave, and girls be certain your nails look good. Nails certainly don’t have to be manicured and painted, but if they are, make certain the paint isn’t chipping (also try to have them be a neutral color, so they’ll go with all your outfits).
• If you wear glasses, see if you can borrow a pair from your optometrist without the lenses. This will eliminate the problem of glare.
• Get a good night’s sleep and arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment, so you’re not rushing. If you arrive late, it will cut into your session time and you’ll have fewer poses from which to choose.
• Come to your appointment wearing the first outfit in which you want to be photographed. If you are having indoor portraits, these will be taken first. Remember, the less time you spend changing, the more time you spend in front of the camera!
• Don’t schedule your appointment on a day where you have plans immediately before or after your appointment. If you feel rushed, it will show in your portraits.

Do I need to tell the photographer anything?
• If there is a pose you have seen somewhere and would like to try to do something similar, bring a picture of the pose if you can.
• If there is anything about yourself you would like to hide or showoff, please let us know before we start taking pictures. For example, if you feel self conscious about the shape of your nose, be certain to mention it. Others probably don’t even notice it, but if it bothers you, don’t want to shoot you in profile! On the other hand, you might be really proud of your new tattoo and want to include it in some of your pictures. If you forget to tell us about it, we might not photograph it to its best advantage. Note to parents: most tattoos and piercings can be easily retouched, so you can receive your senior’s photos both with and without body art!

Can I bring someone with me to my session? Yes! It’s a great idea to bring someone along…if it’s the right person. A parent is usually your best person to bring, particularly since they’re paying for your pictures and may have some ideas of photos they want.

What if it’s rainy or cloudy on the day of my outdoor session? If it’s cloudy, that’s no problem; we can still have your session as originally scheduled. If we need to cancel due to rain, we’ll call you and reschedule for a better time.

How many times can I change clothes? You may change as many times as you want, but your session only lasts an hour and a half. Keep in mind that clothing changes take away time from your shoot. If we are on location, it also may be difficult to find a place to change. You many be changing in your car or in a park restroom.

What happens if I’m running late? Running late eats into your time. Your session starts at the time you scheduled. To be safe, you should plan to arrive a little early, and in the outfit you want to wear first.

Can I bring my vehicle to be photographed with me? Yes, vehicles are a fun prop to your senior photos.

Remember, we’re here to help you look your best and have a great time!